InSend vs Seguno

How to choose the best platform for your business?

Are you looking for the best email marketing solution for your business? Compare InSend and Seguno to determine which one fits your needs best, based on their features, ease of use, and overall effectiveness.

Feature comparison

To feature or not? That’s the question.
Review the features of each solution and compare the benefits within a few minutes.

Pricing comparison

Unlimited email sending

2,000 contacts

Most Seguno designed templates (not all)

Full access to automations
Seguno Email
InSend Standard
100 000 emails & 50 000 visits

Everything Standard

IncludesWhite label(no logo)

Dedicated IP address

DNS records

SLA (1h Response time)
InSend Business
Unlimited email sending

20,000 contacts

Most Seguno designed templates (not all)

Full access to automations
Seguno Email Pro
Up to 10,000 visits and 10,000 emails

Full access to all web-forms

Full access to email marketing

Full access to automations

Advanced analytics and
eCommerce funnel

24/7 technical support & expert marketer consultancy calls
Key Differences
— Which platform has better customization?
— Although Seguno offers customizable templates, there may be limitations in terms of design and layout that may not meet the specific needs of certain businesses. InSend can be customizable in any possible way – from the webform and email design up to building segments, automations, custom events and client's properties.
— Which platform is better in analytics?
— Seguno's reporting and analytics features are limited compared to other email marketing solutions. Businesses may not have access to in-depth data on email performance or customer engagement. InSend can offer deep analytics of your store's funnel, visitor's behavior, emails and webforms.
Integration comparison
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