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Month 6 One-Time Emails

Month 6 - Day 21

Daily tasks:

  • Prepare emails for Black Friday & Cyber monday

Prepare emails for Black Friday & Cyber monday

Black Friday is just two days away, followed by Cyber Monday, so it's time to get the emails ready.

According to the schedule, the first preparatory email will be sent out tomorrow, on the 22nd. The second one will be sent on the 24th, the actual Black Friday, and the announcement for Cyber Monday will be on Monday.

First email:

  1. With the developers having the page ready in advance, it's a great opportunity for people to have an early look at the posters and discounts. So, in the first email, our goal is to guide people to this page and encourage them to make their choices in advance.
  2. I included the top 6 items with the largest discounts and added a call to action, prompting readers to browse and pick what they like, as the products are limited.
  3. I set the email to be sent to everyone with known email addresses.
  4. I reviewed and tested the email, then scheduled it to be sent on the 23rd at 12 noon.
Second email:

  1. For the second email, I switched up the products and altered the call to action. This time, we're announcing that Black Friday has officially started and urging recipients to act quickly.
  2. This email is also set for everyone, scheduled to be sent at 9 am on Friday, in accordance with users' local time.
Third email:

  1. In the third email, we're simply reminding customers that there's just one day left for discounts, but there are still items available. I also added a countdown timer, indicating the remaining time until midnight on the 27th.
  2. This email is sent to those who placed an order more than 3 days ago (to ensure those who made purchases on Black Friday are still engaged) or those who have not made any orders.
  3. The scheduled sending is for the 27th, also at 9 am, taking into account the time zone of our customers.