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Month 2 One-Time Emails

Month 2 - Day 5

Daily tasks:

  • Prepare “2+1” promotion one-time emails

Prepare “2+1” promotion one-time emails

Starting today, we are launching the 2+1 promotion, which will run for 10 days. Unfortunately, due to being overwhelmed, I couldn't prepare the launch emails in advance, so I need to do it urgently today.
  • Since I couldn't find suitable emails in my automations, I decided to base it on sales email #2 that we launched last month. I made a duplicate of it and proceeded to make edits.
  • I revised the text to reflect the promotion and its duration. Below that, I added 6 popular products that are eligible for the promotion (using data from the CMS system).
  • Next, I adjusted the email sending settings. I ensured that the email would only be sent once. For the filters, I set two conditions using "or": the date of the last order is more than 7 days ago, or the number of orders is equal to 0.
  • I filled in the sender's information and the subject line of the email. Then, I sent a test email to myself and launched the email campaign by clicking the send button.
Now, I need to prepare emails that will be sent on the 10th and 14th.
  • I duplicated the email that was just sent, made changes to the text, updated the date to the end of the promotion, and replaced the products with different ones.
  • In the subscribers section for email #2, I didn't modify the sending conditions, but I set the dispatch date for the 10th at 11 am. As for email #3, I scheduled it to be sent on the 14th at 9 am.
  • For email #3, I also modified the content, making the text more persuasive and prominently displaying that there are 24 hours left before the promotion ends. In the subscribers section, I added two additional conditions using "or": newsletter #1 was sent but not clicked, or newsletter #2 was sent but not clicked. I also adjusted the first condition to include a date of the last order equal to or greater than 10 days ago.
  • I updated the subject lines of the emails, tested them by sending to myself, and then launched the campaigns.
That's all for now regarding the one-time emails.