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Month 4 Analytics

Month 4 - Day 1

Daily tasks:

  • Collect the results of topper segment test and change the topper itself
  • Prepare content plan for autumn

Collect the results of topper segment test and change the topper itself

First and foremost, our task for today is to gather the results of testing the topper featuring the new collection among different visitor segments (I initiated the test on the 24th). Based on these results, we will determine which segments we will continue to display the topper to for another week. This data will greatly assist us in optimizing future promotions. Additionally, we will update the content of the form to align with the current season as autumn has already arrived, necessitating a change in the text.
Name of Web Form Viewed Submit Orders Conversion Revenue
End-month sale topper 1 (email unknown, visits less than 1) 3574 571 205 5,7% 3280$
End-month sale topper 1 (email unknown, visits more than 2) 2376 594 112 4,7% 1680$
End-month sale topper 1 (email known) 1321 343 123 9,3% 2337$

Showing the topper to people we already know turned out to be the most effective, but most likely it worked because of the mailings: people went from the mailing list or saw it before and already purposefully went to the new collection.
Surprisingly, we observed that the conversion rate in the topper for first-time site visitors is actually higher compared to those who have returned. My hypothesis is that return visitors may have already encountered the topper during their initial visit or have a specific purpose in mind for their subsequent visit. We will take note of this insight and consider launching alternative strategies for these returnees, aiming to acknowledge their familiarity with our brand and provide them with relevant offerings.
I disabled topper #2 and #3 and made modifications to them as follows:
  1. I accessed each topper individually and deactivated it by clicking on the option located in the lower right corner.
  2. Proceeding to the content section, I edited the text accordingly.
  3. Moving on to the settings section, I reactivated the form.
That's it! Now we can let our two toppers continue running for another week.

Prepare content plan for autumn

Now let's shift our focus to the content plan for the fall. We have made the decision to proactively plan all our activities for the next three months, including holidays, and here's what we have come up with:
  1. National Grandparents Day, September 10
  2. National Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15–October 15
  3. Halloween, October 31
  4. Veterans Day, November 11
  5. Thanksgiving, November 23
  6. Black Friday, November 24
  7. Cyber Monday, November 27
And here is what we decided to launch on these dates:
  1. National Grandparents Day (10% discount on themed posters from 4th till 11th of September) Plan:
  • Make a collection of posters for grandparents
  • Assign discount to products
  • Create a survey webform to ask visitors is they have grandparent and if yes, lead them to the category, plus collect the data that they do have grandparents (this will help us in the future)
  • Make an email with autumn collections and lead them to the website where the form will show
  1. National Hispanic Heritage Month (5% off to themed posters for the whole month since 15th of September + banner on the website) Plan:
  • Make a collection of themed posters
  • Assign a discount to products
  • Include it to an email with autumn collection
  • Make an email with Hispanic Heritage Collection only
  1. Halloween (2+1 sale for spooky posters from 23rd of October till 1st of November) Plan:
  • Make a collection
  • Launch 2+1 topper to announce on the website
  • Launch at least 3 emails
  • Include collection into autumn collection email
  1. Veterans Day (special collection + 10% discount for veterans and veterans organizations from 6th till 11th of Novermber)
  2. Thanksgiving (Large collection of posters, no discount. But announce on 13th of November on website, include info in emails)
  3. Black Friday & Cyber Monday (discounts up to 70% from 24th till 27th of November)
The major task is to plan all the emails and web forms and make it to the right segments so that we wouldn’t spam to clients but still be effective.