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Month 1 Analytics A/B Tests

Month 1 - Day 12

Main tasks:

  • Review the elements of Abandoned Cart campaign and figure out what works not so well
  • Launch A/B test of Abandoned Cart web form and launch 2 emails with different promo codes

Review the elements of Abandoned Cart campaign and figure out what works not so well

Today, I made the decision to thoroughly examine why the abandoned cart automation isn't performing as effectively as anticipated.
  1. To gain a comprehensive understanding, I accessed the automation section and began reviewing all the active elements (consisting of 4 emails and 1 web form). I commenced with the three emails intended for existing clients and compiled all the data into a table. Here are the findings:
Name of email Delivered Viewed Clicked Purchases Conversion Revenue
Email #1 90 minutes after abandoned cart 57 37 15 4 7% 184$
Email #2 24 hours after abandoned cart 38 24 12 6 15% 267$
Email #3 48 hours after abandoned cart 17 9 3 2 11% 89$
y emails works great! The conversion of existing subscribers is really good. But every day we have from 15 up to 26 abandoned carts. So maybe the problem is in web form and email which we launched for non subscribers?
Let’s dive in analytics again.
Name of Web Form Viewed Submit Orders Conversion Revenue
Send cart later? 1338 8 0 0,5% 0$

Now, let's check the email.
Name of email Delivered Viewed Clicked Purchases Conversion Revenue
Email with cart after pop up "Send cart later?" 8 4 2 0 0% 0$
Now I understand where the problem lies. The sign-up form for saving the shopping cart is not performing as well as expected. It's possible that people may not be interested in simply saving their carts for later retrieval via email. This is just a hypothesis that needs to be tested.

Review the elements of Abandoned Cart campaign and figure out what works not so well

To investigate further, I decided to conduct A/B tests. I will launch two sign-up forms with different offers: one will provide a 10% discount on the first order, and the other will offer a 15% discount for orders placed within 24 hours after subscribing.
  • I accessed the active form and disabled it in the bottom right corner.
  • Next, I went to the content section and clicked on the "Start A/B Test" button in the upper right corner. This transformed the current form into variant 1. Then, I added variant 2.
  • In option 1, I modified the text to offer cart saving with "Get 10% off your first order."
  • In option 2, I changed the text to "Subscribe and receive 15% off your order within 24 hours."
Since I have two different discounts, I need to send two distinct promo codes to subscribers and link these emails to the respective forms.
  • I revisited variant 1, clicked on the button within the form, and accessed the click actions in the left field to edit parameters. Below that, I set the parameter to 10%.
  • I followed the same steps for variant 2, but this time the parameter was set to 15%.
  • The form display conditions remained the same, as I didn't make any adjustments. I enabled both variants of the forms.
Next, I needed to prepare emails with different promo codes for launch.
  • I duplicated the letter twice (this is necessary to modify the trigger conditions), which was previously sent after form submission.
  • I made adjustments to the text in the content section and added a promo code with the discount (copied the block from the email with the promo code). Additionally, I created a promotional code in my SMS system.
  • In the subscribers section, under step 1, I selected to send a web form, found the necessary form, and on the right side, I chose to add an extra condition. I set the parameter that I had previously added to the form, which was 10%.
  • I repeated the same steps for the second email, but this time I used a different promo code for a 15% discount. I also added information in the text that the promotion is valid only for one day. In the email sending settings, I selected the same widget but registered the 15% parameter.
  • I double-checked both emails and launched them.
Overall, within a day, I initiated an A/B test for a web form and set up two distinct emails. I’ll let it run for a week and will come back to it later.