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Month 2 One-Time Emails

Month 2 - Day 21

Daily tasks:

  • Launch emails on end-month sale

Launch emails on end-month sale

The end of the month is approaching, and it's time to prepare for our upcoming third promotion, a big sale on leftovers with discounts of up to 50%. We have planned to send emails on three specific dates: the 25th (the day before the start), the 26th (the day of the start), and the 30th (the day before the end).
  • To streamline the process, I decided to utilize the email templates we launched last month. I navigated to the emails section, accessed the sale folder, and duplicated email sale #1.
  • In the content section, I replaced the text with an announcement of the upcoming sale, removing the button since the sale hasn't started yet. Our goal is to encourage people to browse and choose products in advance, possibly adding items to their carts.
  • To showcase the available discounts, I added 6 product examples to the email, drawing information from the manager. I reiterated the importance of selecting items ahead of time due to the high demand during the sale.
  • In the sending conditions, I filtered recipients based on their last order date, ensuring that the email won't be sent to those who recently made a purchase. To verify its appearance, I sent a test email to myself and scheduled it for sending on the 25th at 2 pm.
Next, I proceeded to set up email #2 and #3. I duplicated the previously created email and made necessary modifications for each one.
  • In email #2, I adjusted the text to announce the start of the sale, specifying the duration. I added a button leading to the sale page and included product buttons displaying the old and new prices.
  • For email #3, I revised the text to inform customers that only 24 hours remain before the sale ends, urging them to make their purchases promptly.
  • The sending conditions for email #2 remained unchanged, while for email #3, I added a condition that emails #1 and #2 were sent but not clicked. Additionally, the last order date should be more than 10 days ago.
I finalized the setup by setting the respective sending dates, modifying the email subjects, and confirming the delivery by sending test emails to myself. Finally, I launched the emails.