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Month 3 One-Time Emails

Month 3 - Day 21

Daily tasks:

  • Prepare one-time emails with New Autumn Collection

Prepare one-time emails with New Autumn Collection

Today, I focused on preparing three one-time emails to announce our exciting New Autumn Collection. Here's how I went about it:
  • I went to Email section, New Collection folder. Duplicated an old email "4th of July (3 days before)"
  • I changed the header and description of new collection and added products from it.
  • First email will go on the first day of launching - 24th of August. I set up the filter in Settings section so that email will be sent to everyone who made an order more than 2 weeks ago or haven't made an order yet.
  • Then I duplicated the first email, changed the header and text and set up an email to be sent on 31st of August to those who haven't opened first email.
With these two captivating emails, we are well-prepared to showcase our New Autumn Collection and generate excitement among our customers. I'm eager to see the response and engagement from our subscribers as we introduce them to our latest seasonal offerings.