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Month 4 One-Time Emails Web-forms

Month 4 - Day 11

Daily tasks:

  • Launch topper web form for Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Prepare one-time email for Hispanic Heritage Month

Launch topper web form for Hispanic Heritage Month

As we approach the end of the week, Hispanic Heritage Month is just around the corner, and I want to prepare a topper in advance to notify visitors about this special occasion and direct them to the relevant collection.
Here's how I accomplished it:
  1. Navigated to the web forms section within the "Sales and Promotions" folder and created a new web form.
  2. Selected the topper type and proceeded to the content editing.
  3. Opted for a red background for the topper, positioned an image on the left, placed white text on the right, and positioned a button to the far right.
  4. Shifted to mobile editing to ensure the design is visually appealing on mobile devices.
  5. In the settings section, I decided not to set any specific conditions, allowing the form to be displayed to all visitors as soon as they enter the site.
I will launch the form for everyone on Friday, coinciding with the start of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. This way, we can effectively engage visitors and guide them to the relevant collection.

Prepare one-time email for Hispanic Heritage Month

I also made the decision to prepare the email in advance and schedule it for Friday. This email will be specifically targeted to those who did not engage with our previous emails featuring autumn collections.
Here's how I went about it:
  1. Navigated to the emails section and selected the folder labeled "Sales and Promotions."
  2. Clicked on "Create a New Email" in the upper right corner.
  3. Customized the design of the email, incorporating a banner, a compelling title, and a prominent button directing recipients to the collection. Additionally, I included six captivating images showcasing posters from this particular collection.
  4. In the email settings, I set up a filter to ensure it is sent only to individuals who did not click on the previous autumn collection emails (Autumn Collections 1 and Autumn Collections 2).
  5. Selected a specific date for sending the email, carefully previewed its content by sending a test email to myself (verifying all links), and ultimately clicked the "Send" button.
By targeting this email to those who haven't engaged with our previous autumn collection emails, we can optimize our communication and encourage further interaction with the new collection.