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Month 2 One-Time Emails

Month 2 - Day 1

Daily tasks:

  • Launch 4th July one-time emails

Launch 4th July one-time emails

It completely slipped my mind that in 3 days it will be July 4th, and we need to congratulate our customers! I didn't have enough time to create a letter from scratch, so I went back to explore InSend's folders. In the holiday folder (email section), I found a suitable email for July 4th.
  • My manager and I decided that instead of giving a discount, we can curate a selection of patriotic posters and feature them in the email.
  • I duplicated an email "new collection coming soon" and started editing it.
  • I edited the content of the email and added 6 products that align with the theme and convey congratulations. In the settings section, I filled in the sender's details and changed the subject line. I tested the email by sending it to myself and then launched it.
  • Following that, I duplicated the email I just sent, proceeded to the content section, and modified the text for a congratulatory message (this email will be sent on the day of the holiday). Before the product selection, I added a line emphasizing that patriotism is important every day, and below, you'll find a curated collection of posters on this theme.
  • I checked the second email by sending it to myself and scheduled it to be sent on July 4th at 2:00 PM.