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Month 3 A/B Tests Automations

Month 3 - Day 15

Daily tasks:

  • Abandoned Cart A/B test: sign up form if person leaves website or if stuck on page
  • Launch Collect Reviews After the First Purchase automation

Abandoned Cart A/B test: sign up form if person leaves website or if stuck on page

Today, I worked on launching an A/B test for our Abandoned Cart strategy. The goal is to optimize our approach for capturing potential customers who leave the website without making a purchase. I decided to test two variants: in the first variant, we will display a sign-up form if a person leaves the website, and in the second variant, we will display the web form if a person gets stuck on a particular page.
To set up the A/B test, I followed these steps:
  1. Logged into InSend and navigated to the Automations section.
  2. Located the Recover Abandoned Cart automation and duplicated "Send cart later" web form.
  3. Selected the A/B Test option to create a new test variation.
  4. I won't change the design. The only thing I want to test is what is better – to show web form when person wants to leave website or specific delay before display.
  5. I went to Setting and for Variant 1 set up delay of 20 seconds a display delay and for Variant 2 I set up 0 delay display and enabled "Show only when leaving the page".
  6. To make test more accurate, I've chosen display only on PC (as web form with enabled display when person leaves can't be shown on mobile devices).
  7. After that I launched both of variants.
By launching this A/B test, we can gain insights into which variant performs better in terms of capturing abandoned carts and driving conversions. This information will guide us in refining our Abandoned Cart strategy to recover lost sales and improve our overall conversion rate.
I will closely monitor the test's progress, tracking key metrics such as conversion rates and form completions, to determine the variant that shows the most promising results. Based on the outcome, I will make data-driven decisions to optimize our Abandoned Cart automation and enhance our chances of converting those lost customers.
I'm excited to see the results of this A/B test and to use the insights gained to improve our overall marketing effectiveness.

Launch Collect Reviews After the First Purchase automation

Today, I also worked on launching our "Collect Reviews After the First Purchase" automation. The purpose of this automation is to encourage customers to provide feedback and reviews after they make their first purchase, which is crucial for building social proof and boosting our brand reputation. Here's how I set it up:
  1. I accessed the Automations section and chose "Collect Reviews After First Purchase" automation.
  2. I selected a "Leave a feedback (20 days after 1st purchase)" email and started editing it. I've changed the colors, logo and catalog as usual.
  3. We don't have a reviews on products, but we really need UGC content. That's why I specified that client can post about us in social media, tag us and we'll give a 5% discount for the next order. I also mentioned that offer valid only once.
  4. I sent a test email to myself, checked everything and launched email.
I'm excited to see the responses and reviews we receive, as they will be instrumental in shaping our future strategies and ensuring we continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.