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Month 3 Web-forms

Month 3 - Day 1

Daily tasks:

  • Turn off web form for end-month sale
  • Create Content Plan for the month

Turn off web form for end-month sale

Yesterday, we concluded the sale of leftovers, and as a result, we need to deactivate the web form. Since the developers have already removed the page featuring the sale, I took the following steps:
I accessed the launched topper that was associated with the sale. Then, I navigated to the analytics section and located the "stop" button situated in the lower right corner. Clicking on it allowed me to disable the web form, ensuring it would no longer be active.
Here’re the results of this web form:
Name of web form Viewed Submit Orders Conversion Revenue End-month sale topper 6589 1186 332 5% 5644$ The results of the form may appear impressive, but it is important to consider that it was displayed to all visitors on the site, including those who arrived via email. Therefore, it is not possible to attribute all the success solely to the form. To gain more accurate insights, it would be beneficial to create different web forms tailored to specific groups:
  • A form for first-time visitors with unknown email addresses
  • A form for returning visitors with unknown email addresses
  • A form for visitors with known email addresses
  • A form specifically for those who arrived from emails
By implementing these distinct forms, we can analyze how each group responds and determine which form is most effective for each segment. I will keep this hypothesis in mind for testing during our next sale.

Create Content Plan for the month

August is typically a slower month for us, with fewer orders. After consulting with the manager, we have made the following decisions:
  • We will maintain a promotion offering a 20% discount for repeat orders placed within 3 days after the previous order.
  • We will revitalize our blog by publishing one article per week. These articles will feature curated collections of poster designs for interiors and provide various life hacks on creating a cozy home environment. This approach will help enhance customer loyalty.
  • To generate excitement towards the end of the month, we will introduce a new collection of autumn-themed posters. This will give our customers something fresh and relevant to explore.