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Month 4 Web-forms Analytics

Month 4 - Day 15

Daily tasks:

  • Collect analytics for all web forms and one-time emails in this month

Collect analytics for all web forms and one-time emails in this month

The main thing for today will be the collection of analytics and analysis of what we did in the first half of the month. Let's start with web forms

Web forms analytics

Name of Web Form Viewed Submit Orders Conversion Revenue
Survey for grandparents day 10 456 1882 34 0,33% 510$
A/B: Topper (Grandparents Day) 2 378 143 13 0,55% 182$
A/B: Topper (Hispanic Heritage Month) 2 478 347 57 2,30% 969$
A/B: Topper (Autumn Collection) 2 587 880 158 6,11% 3 160$
A/B: Topper (Back to School Collection) 2 563 718 118 4,60% 2 124$

I found the analytics quite intriguing as they revealed several patterns and allowed me to make some assumptions about our customers. Here's what I observed:
  1. The options featuring autumn posters and back-to-school themes had the highest conversion rates. I believe this is because our predominantly female visitors have a keen interest in home decor and preparing their children for school.
  2. The lower interest in posters for Grandparents' Day can be attributed to the holiday's relative obscurity compared to popular occasions like Father's Day or Mother's Day. Additionally, some individuals may not have close relationships with their grandparents.
  3. The Spanish Heritage Month topper experienced lower conversion rates, which I attribute to launching it prematurely. In hindsight, it would have been more effective to begin its display at the start of the month.
I decided to leave the 3 web forms of A/B test keep running for some more time.

One-time emails analytics

Email name Delivered Viewed Clicked Purchases Conversion Revenue
Autumn collection #1 7843 3059 1438 648 8,26% 11 016$
Autumn collection #2 5389 1832 678 214 3,97% 2996$
Grandparents Day 4248 765 168 32 0,75% 480$
According to the analytics, I see that everyone received the autumn collections, the conversion of these emails is very high. But looking deeper, I found that people are more attracted to standard autumn posters. An email on the day of grandparents confirmed this.