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Month 2 Automations

Month 2 - Day 3

Daily tasks:

  • Launch after purchase trigger emails with promotion 20% discount on next order

Launch after purchase trigger emails with promotion 20% discount on next order

The new month has begun, which means it's time to set up email promotions. First and foremost, let's focus on trigger emails with a reorder discount.
  • To further our goal of increasing repeat orders, I revisited the "increase repeat sales" automation to find suitable emails.
  • I came across bonus emails after purchase. Although they were slightly different, I liked their visual design and decided to utilize them.
  • I duplicated the email and named it "20% after order #1" since the original version was scheduled to be sent 3 hours after the order. However, our promotion is only valid for 3 days, so I wanted this email to be sent sooner. After duplicating the email, I proceeded to edit its content.
  • In the content tab, I revised the text, emphasizing a 20% discount on the next order in the header. I also stated that the promotion is valid for only 3 days after purchase, and the discount will be automatically applied during the payment process. This clarification was important to prevent people from leaving the site if they thought the discount had not been applied.
  • I replaced the logo and added three popular products below the order section, using a "maybe you will like it" block with product images, names, and links. I also updated the images and category names accordingly.
  • Then I changed the preheader in the invisible block on the top of the email by opening the code of it (</> symbol).
  • Next, I proceeded to the subscribers section to configure the sending conditions. I ensured that the email was set as an automatic trigger, with the trigger being a change in the order status to "paid." The email was scheduled to be sent one hour after the order.
  • To assess the email's appearance, I sent a test email to myself and reviewed it before launching it.
However, one email alone was not sufficient. I decided to set up a couple more emails: one to be sent on the second day after purchase and another a few hours before the promotion expiration.
  • I duplicated the existing email twice and renamed them "20% after order #2" and "20% after order #3."
  • Moving on to email #2, I edited the text. This email should be sent exactly 24 hours after the order placement. I've decided not to make any further changes to the content.
  • In the subscribers section, I added an additional condition to the sending conditions: the characteristic "date of the last order" set to "more or equal than days ago - 1." Consequently, this email would only be sent to those who placed an order one day ago. If a customer made a second order after receiving email #1, their deadline would be less than 1 day ago, preventing the email from being sent to them.
  • Under section 2 "when," I set the email to be dispatched after 1 day. I revised the subject line, tested the email, sent it to myself, and launched it.
  • For email #3, I repeated the same steps to modify the content. In the subscribers section, I made slight adjustments to the conditions. Email #3 should be sent 2 days and 18 hours after the purchase, granting customers an additional 6 hours to complete their order. Therefore, this email was intended for those who made a purchase over 2 days ago. I configured the additional conditions accordingly and scheduled the email to be sent after 66 hours (2x24 hours + 18 hours).
  • I revised the subject line, checked the appearance of the email, and launched it.
That concludes the setup for the "20% discount on repeat order" promotion at this time.