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Month 1 Analytics One-Time Emails

Month 1 - Day 21

Daily tasks:

  • Summarize the results of New Collection Campaign
  • Launch additional emails for New Collection

Summarize the results of New Collection Campaign

Today, I made it a priority to review and improve the performance of the emails we sent out for the new collection, which was launched 10 days ago. Additionally, I decided to deactivate the web form that was used to announce the new collection.
Let's take a look at the results of the emails:
Name of email Delivered Viewed Clicked Purchases Conversion Revenue
New collection is coming soon 2296 1056 602 180 7,8% 4680$
New collection is on the website 2308 830 398 103 4,4% 2472$

We achieved excellent results with the email sent to the entire database! We received a total of 283 orders, generating $7,152 in revenue solely from the emails.
Now, let's shift our focus to the results of the web form:
Name of Web Form Viewed Submit Orders Conversion Revenue
New collection 1338 267 34 2,5% 544$
The results are also quite impressive, and we were able to engage those who visited the site for the first time.

Launch additional emails for New Collection

However, new collections are not released frequently, and I want to maximize engagement with our entire subscriber base. Therefore, I have decided to launch an additional email targeting those who have not opened any of the previous emails:
  • I navigated to the emails section and located the folder containing the new collection emails. I duplicated the email that is scheduled to be sent on the day of the new collection launch.
  • I revised the text to emphasize that some products from the new collection have already sold out and it is advisable not to delay the purchase, as restocking will not happen soon.
  • I updated the product selection to include the most frequently viewed items from the new collection, using data from our CMS system.
  • Moving to the subscribers section, I set up a filter using the "or" condition. The criteria include: Email - title - not opened, and I added two emails of new collection to this condition. This ensures that the email will be sent to those who did not open either of the previous two emails (but may have opened one of them). To further refine the targeting, I included the criteria: Orders - equal to - zero. This condition ensures that the email will not be sent to individuals who have already made a direct purchase without receiving any previous emails. As a result, there are 1156 individuals who meet these criteria. Quite a substantial number!
  • I conducted a test by sending the email to myself, and everything appeared to be in good order. I then proceeded to launch the email.