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Month 5 One-Time Emails A/B Tests

Month 5 - Day 23

Daily tasks:

  • Email series: Spooky season
  • Choose the winner of the The David Lynch topper

Email series: Spooky season

Preparing and launching emails for the spooky season, specifically for Halloween, was an exciting endeavor that allowed me to tap into the festive spirit and engage our audience. Here's a glimpse into the steps I took to prepare and launch two compelling emails to announce and motivate people to purchase Halloween-themed posters:
  • I went to sales and promotions folder in email section and duplicated 2 emails with "2+1 promotion"
  • Then I edited them so that it would make sense that customers still have time to buy Halloween relevant posters
  • I've also added some products from David Lynch Collection and Black&White Collection
  • In second email I also mentioned that David Lynch Collection available only till 31st October.
  • In setting I set up sending conditions: for the 1st email I've chosen conditions that last order made more than 14 days ago OR number of orders is equal to 0, and for 2nd one I set up conditions that email #1 is sent but not opened.
  • After sending test emails to myself, I launched the 1st email immediately and set up the 2nd one to be sent on 27th of October.
Launching the Halloween-themed emails was a culmination of strategic planning, creative execution, and data-driven decision-making. By combining captivating content, engaging visuals, dynamic product recommendations, and careful segmentation, we were able to create a compelling email campaign that effectively captured the Halloween spirit and motivated our subscribers to embrace the spooky season and purchase Halloween posters from our collection.

Choose the winner of the The David Lynch topper

It's been a week since we started our topper test. It's time to look at the results and choose the winner.
Name of Web Form Viewed Submit Orders Conversion Revenue
Topper - Variant 1 (No timer) 3325 578 105 3,1% 1696$
Topper - Variant 2 (Timer) 3578 846 256 7,1% 4096$
The results are clear: the timer topper won. I turn off the second form, and let the first option continue to spin until November 1st.