InSend Live
Month 2 Web-forms

Month 2 - Day 25

Daily tasks:

  • Creating a key page with a sale
  • Launch web form for end-month sale

Creating a key page with a sale

First and foremost, I need to create a key page to prevent the web form from showing up on the promotion page. Here's what I did:

  • I accessed my InSend account settings and navigated to the "key pages" section on the left-hand side.
  • Next, I clicked on the "add key page" button.
  • I provided a name for the page - "End of the Month Promotion," and in the designated field, I inserted the link to the promotion page, which has a specific URL for us -
  • After making sure all the details were correct, I clicked "save."
There you have it - the key page is now set up and ready to prevent the web form from appearing on the promotion page. This will ensure a smooth and seamless experience for our visitors during the promotion period.

Launch web form for end-month sale

Today, we're hosting a major sale, and we've decided to add another web form to guide new visitors to the promotion.
  • To set it up, I navigated to the web forms section and accessed the sales folder. From there, I created a new web form using a topper template from the templates section.
  • Moving to the content section, I selected a vibrant background and added a text block stating "discounts up to 50%". I also included a button that directs users to the promotion.
In terms of filtering, I decided not to set any specific conditions for displaying the form, except for excluding those already on the sale page.
  • Returning to edit the web form, I adjusted the settings in step 2. I selected "show everywhere except the key page" and specified our newly created key page. Additionally, I set the frequency of showing the form to once per visit to avoid excessive annoyance to customers.
  • With the setup complete, I launched the form, making it available for visitors to explore our exciting sale.