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Month 3 Analytics

Month 3 - Day 30

Daily tasks:

  • Sum up the results of the month
  • Collect analytics of all automations
  • Collect analytics of all one-time emails for month

Sum up the results of the month

This month, we implemented several significant improvements:

  • We added product recommendations to our email collection automation, abandoned cart emails, and abandoned view emails.
  • We experimented with sending weekly newsletters featuring blog articles.
  • We initiated an automation to collect emails after the first purchase.
  • We conducted an A/B test to determine the most effective time to request an email from someone about to abandon their cart.
  • We also sent out multiple newsletters to announce our new collection.

Additionally, we've been working on optimizing our site's SEO to improve our search engine ranking, and we successfully integrated our advertisements into social networks and design blogs.

Now, let's take a look at the overall analytics results.

Store's Funnel

Visited Site Left the Site Viewed products No Cart Carts Abandoned Carts Orders Cancelled Orders
47 789 12 422 35 367 26 103 9264 4910 4354 45
Compared to last month, our traffic has grown a lot. This happened due to the improvement of the issuance in Google search and due to advertising integrations. The number of orders increased by 4 times.

Purchase analytics

Total purchases New purchases Repeated purchases Av.order value for new purchases Av.order value for repeated purchases
4309 2672 1637 15$ 23$

Visitor's analytics

Unique visitors New visitors Repeat visitors Viewed pages Average visit time
36 892 25 087 11 805 3.8 00:02:03
Despite the decrease in depth of view and time on the site, I believe that the results are good, since traffic has grown a lot and it is inevitable that the indicators will decrease. The more people, the larger the sample.

Emails & Subscribers Analytics

Subscribers Emails sent Open Rate Click Rate Conversion Rate Bounce Rate Spam Rate
6793 42 138 24,89% 14,45% 3,23% 0,06% 0%
The number of subscribers has increased by 2 times compared to last month and I am very happy about it. Automations are starting to work better, the number of sent letters has grown significantly (including one-time mailings, but most of this is automation). Despite the decline in the open rate and click rate, the conversion increased, and this is the main thing.

Collect analytics of all automations

Let me remind you that this month there were several important innovations:
- adding product recommendations to a number of automations
- testing new types of widgets with subscription for abandoned carts
- launch of automation for collecting feedback
Automation name Orders Revenue New Subscribers
Grow Your Email List 482 7233$ 2679
Abandoned Cart 412 6 880$ 378
Abandoned View 135 2 336$
Increase Brand Loyalty 12 276$
After Purchase 279 4 464$
Collect Reviews After the First Purchase 4 72$

Collect analytics of all one-time emails for month

This month we had only 2 campaigns:
- weekly blog post submissions
- new collection
Email name Delivered Viewed Clicked Purchases Conversion Revenue
Article #1 5783 2718 190 32 0,56% 507$
Article #2 2548 1707 51 6 0,22% 85$
Article #3 5893 1120 134 17 0,30% 262$
Article #4 5384 1238 74 11 0,21% 198$
New Collection (Autumn) #1 2384 1144 389 125 5,22% 2366$
New Collection (Autumn) #2 4805 2354 1130 316 6,59% 5696$
New Collection (Autumn) #3 3489 1116 201 54 1,56% 1085$
The distribution of blog articles did not live up to expectations. The cost of writing articles, designing pictures and layout of newsletters is higher than the profit. Therefore, next month we will not send out articles, but we will leave only selections every 2-3 weeks in the blog. They take much less time and money.