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Month 2 - Day 19

Daily tasks:

  • Review the test of Grow Your Email List web forms

Review the test of Grow Your Email List web forms

It has been over a week since we launched two distinct email collection forms as part of our subscriber growth automation. Allow me to provide a brief reminder: we introduced a mobile-specific topper form and conducted an A/B test on the existing pop-up form, making slight design modifications. Now, let's assess the results and see how they have fared.
Name of Web Form Viewed Submit Orders Conversion Revenue
10% Off For the First Order (Variant 1) 1167 210 90 7,7% 1478$
10% Off For the First Order (Variant 2) 854 102 26 3% 378$
Topper 10% off for the 1st order 2289 343 126 5,5% 2147$

The results were unexpected. I had anticipated that the redesign of our pop-up form would yield positive results, but it turned out otherwise. Surprisingly, people were much more inclined to fill out the first option, which exhibited higher conversion rates. Consequently, I will disable the second option and retain only the first.
On the other hand, the topper's results were quite satisfying. The conversion rates clearly increased, likely because people find it less intrusive on smaller devices, allowing for uninterrupted browsing of the site.
Given these outcomes, I believe it would be best to maintain the current setup: two separate web forms for collecting emails - one pop-up for desktop users and a topper for mobile devices.