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Month 3 One-Time Emails Automations

Month 3 - Day 17

Daily tasks:

  • Prepare one time email for 3rd article
  • Add product recommendation block to recover abandoned cart and abandoned view automations

Prepare one time email for 3rd article

Today is the day to send out our third blog article. Our copywriters took a little longer than expected, and the article was posted late in the evening. Not ideal timing (Friday nights are busy for people), but I decided to stick to the schedule and send the email anyway.

In today's article, we provided selections for creating a cozy autumn interior, along with several examples of posters from our website.

The process of creating the email remained the same:

  1. I duplicated last week's email and edited the content. Added a new picture and updated the article description.
  2. For the product selections, I removed the categories from last week and kept one, but I added 9 new products to it.
  3. To make sure everything looks perfect, I did a test send of the email.
  4. Since it's autumn now and our autumn collections are especially relevant, I decided to send this email to a broader group of subscribers. In the settings, I chose "I have an email" and "I visited the site within the last 2 weeks." This way, we'll target those who have recently engaged with us.
  5. I double-checked everything again and hit the send button. The email is on its way!

Add product recommendation block to recover abandoned cart and abandoned view automations

Today, I worked on enhancing our "Recover Abandoned Cart" and "Abandoned View" automations by adding product recommendation blocks to the emails. Previously InSend team turned on product recommendation module and now it's time to implement it on remaining automations. Here's how I went about it:
  • I went step by step and stoped all the emails in automations.
  • Then I went to content section and added product recommendation block to each email.
  • Then I relaunched emails again.
By incorporating product recommendation blocks into our abandoned cart and abandoned view emails, we can leverage data-driven insights to suggest relevant products to customers and potentially boost conversions and engagement. I'm excited to see how these enhancements impact our email performance and customer interactions.