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Month 1 A/B Tests Web-forms Analytics

Month 1 - Day 19

Daily tasks:

  • Summarize the results of the a/b test
  • Change the New Collection web form
  • Analyze automations and launched one-time emails

Summarize the results of the a/b test

As you may recall, on day 10 I conducted an A/B test of a widget designed to collect emails from new visitors who added a product to their cart but were considering leaving the site. Now it's time to evaluate the results!
Just a quick reminder, Variant 1 had a 10% discount for the first order and Variant 2 had 15% discount but only for 24 hours after subscription.
Name of Web Form Viewed Submit Orders Conversion Revenue
Variant 1 567 (46%) 85 15,9% 38 730$
Variant 2 648 (54%) 57 8,7% 24 1176$

The results were quite intriguing:
  1. It turns out that people were much more inclined to sign up for a discount without a time limit. Option 1 showed significantly higher conversion rates and a greater number of purchases.
  2. However, those who subscribed to option 2 had a higher average order value! Consequently, the revenue generated from them was substantially higher.

Change the New Collection web form

At this stage, our primary focus is on growing our customer base rather than immediate income. Therefore, I decided not to discard the second version of the widget completely; instead, I have temporarily deactivated it. It's possible that in a few months, when our base exceeds 10,000 subscribers, I will revisit this option and consider switching to it instead of the first one.
The main objective for today was to update the web form for the launch of our new collection.
  1. I navigated to the active form and clicked on the "Stop" button in the lower right corner.
  2. Next, I proceeded to the content tab where I removed the timer and made revisions to the text to clearly convey that the new collection is now available on the site.
  3. Finally, I accessed the settings tab and launched the updated web form.
In a few days, I will return to review the results of both the email campaigns and the new collection form.

Analyze automations and launched one-time emails

Afterward, I decided to revisit the analysis of our ongoing campaigns and examine the results. Let's begin with our sales marketing campaign, consisting of three emails, which we launched on day 3.
Name of email Delivered Viewed Clicked Purchases Conversion Revenue
Sale #1 (2 days before the start)  1956 743 245 15 0,7% 678$
Sale #2 (starts today) 1950 976 328 36 1,8% 1876$
Sale #3 (week after start) 1948 856 265 13 0,6% 364$

I wouldn't classify the results as either good or bad. Considering it was our first campaign on a new platform with a small customer base, it was acceptable.
What's even more intriguing is how the automation is performing. This is the results for all time since launch. The last review I made 10 days ago
Name of Automation Orders Revenue New subscribers
Grow Your Email List 38 1824$ 287
Abandoned Cart 89 3204$  
Abandoned View 24 672$  


After implementing the discounted web form, the abandoned cart campaign has been performing exceptionally well! Having gained nearly 300 new subscribers in just 16 days, with an average daily traffic of about 1000-1200 visitors, is quite impressive. I'm satisfied with the results so far, but as we plan to run ads next month and expect increased traffic, it's wise to conduct additional A/B tests on the subscription form to maximize our email address collection from new visitors.