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Month 2 Analytics A/B Tests

Month 2 - Day 10

Daily tasks:

  • Review the analytics of automations
  • Launch A/B test of web form in Grow Your Email List automation

Review the analytics of automations

Today, we will review the results of our automations and determine if any adjustments or tests are needed. I am particularly focused on the email collection automation because we are planning to launch advertising campaigns soon, and it is crucial to capture as much traffic as possible without missing out on potential leads. The last time I collected automation analytics was 21 days ago. Let’s see what changed.
Name of automation Orders Revenue New subscribers Grow Your Email List 127 2286$ 469 Abandoned Cart 103 1957$ Abandoned View 49 784$ I'm not satisfied with the results of our email collection automation. Despite daily traffic ranging from 800 to 1000 visitors, over a span of 40 days, we had a total of 36,000 people visit our site, out of which 65% were new visitors, amounting to 23,400 individuals. However, we only managed to collect 469 email addresses, which accounts for a mere 2%. I aim to increase this figure to at least 10% of the new traffic passing through our site. Therefore, I've decided to delve deeper into the analytics of our email collection web form.
Name of web form Viewed Submit Orders Conversion Revenue 10% Off For the First Order 18468 469 127 0,6% 2286$ Yes, as anticipated, there is room for improvement in conversion rates and the percentage of subscriptions. Let's proceed with an A/B test featuring different web form options. My hypothesis is that people are hesitant to subscribe to a pop-up form, particularly considering that the majority of our traffic comes from mobile devices. I want to put this hypothesis to the test.

Launch A/B test of web form in Grow Your Email List automation

For the A/B test, I will make some modifications to the old form for the second variant, changing the design slightly and ensuring it is only displayed on desktop devices. Additionally, I will launch a second subscription form in the form of a topper, specifically designed for mobile devices.
  • I duplicated the subscription form from the automation and proceeded to edit its content. I will keep the first option unchanged, including the discount size (as we already have numerous promotions this month and management is unlikely to approve an increase in the discount).
  • Next, I clicked on variant 2, replaced the background (don't forget to add background-size:100%; to the CSS if your picture is larger than the size of webform), made webform larger, and made slight adjustments to the text, making it more persuasive.
  • Moving on to the form display settings, I added a condition that checks if the email field is empty, removed the session count condition, and reduced the required site visit duration for the form to appear (setting it to 15 seconds). In the fourth setting section, I unchecked the option for display on mobile devices.
  • To ensure the form's appearance and functionality, I previewed both options in the content section, first running variant 1 and then variant 2.
Specifically in this case, there is no need to modify or add anything to the emails. The post-subscription email will be sent regardless of which variant the form is filled out with.
Now we need to configure the topper web form to collect emails on mobile devices. I've decided to create this form from scratch.
  • I navigated to the web form section, located the relevant automation folder on the left, and clicked on "Create a Form" in the upper right corner.
  • In the templates section, I selected the topper template and chose an empty template. Then, I moved on to the content section. Since the form will only be visible on mobile devices, I immediately switched to editing the mobile version. I made the form longer to cover approximately 20% of the screen.
  • For the background, I opted for a vibrant pink color to make it stand out. I dragged the text block onto the form and wrote the following text: "Subscribe and get a 10% discount on your first order."
  • Next, I added an email field and adjusted its settings. I increased the size of the field and removed the border. I also added top and bottom 15px padding to webform.
  • Finally, I added a button at the bottom of the form.
The form's appearance looks good. I proceeded to the display settings and set the following conditions:
  • Characteristic: Email is unknown.
  • Current visit: Time on site is greater than or equal to 10 seconds.
  • Characteristic: Now in cart is less than 1. This ensures that the form will be shown to new visitors whom we don't have information about and who don't have any items in their cart, 10 seconds after they enter the site.
  • In step 4, I adjusted the number of impressions to 2 per visit.
  • In step 5, I unchecked the display on PC devices. Then, I launched the form.
It seems like we're done with the topper. Now we need to set up the email that the person will receive after filling out the form.
  • I moved to the email section and located the relevant automation folder. I duplicated the email that is sent after filling out the pop-up form and proceeded to edit it.
  • Visually, I won't be making any changes to the email, so I moved straight to the subscribers section. The trigger for this email will now be filling out the topper form, offering a 10% discount on the first order.
  • I double-checked everything and launched the email.