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Month 6 One-Time Emails Web-forms

Month 6 - Day 13

Daily tasks:

  • Launch topper with Thanksgiving Congratulations
  • Launch 3 one-time emails for Thanksgiving

Launch topper with Thanksgiving Congratulations

Here's the process I followed:

  1. Crafted a topper featuring a humorous turkey image, along with an announcement for our Thanksgiving collection. Added a prominent button linking to the collection page.
  2. Opted for the broadest display settings, ensuring it's visible to everyone without any restrictions.
  3. Verified the topper's appearance on mobile devices and adjusted the layout accordingly.
  4. Double-checked the topper's appearance on the site and launched it.

Launch 3 one-time emails for Thanksgiving

Starting today, we're kicking off our Thanksgiving announcements. The first email is scheduled for today, followed by the second on the 16th, and the final one on the 20th. There won't be any emails on the 23rd, as we don't offer same-day delivery and people tend to focus on family gatherings during holidays.

As we don't have specific collection for thanksgiving, I decided to use posters from Autumn collection and some of our basic posters.
  1. I crafted an email, urging recipients not to delay their purchase and to plan ahead for a festive atmosphere for both kids and adults.
  2. Included the 6 best posters along with a link to the entire collection.
  3. Opted for a wide recipient group: anyone who visited the site within the last 3 months.
  4. Verified the email's appearance by sending a test to myself and then launched it.
For the second email, I chose to feature more stylistic posters. Typically, around a week before the holiday, individuals who enjoy decorating their homes tend to make purchases. The process of creating this email remained the same, except I included a message encouraging recipients to enhance their home's ambiance for the upcoming festivities. This time, I sent it to those who made a purchase more than a week ago, hadn't opened the previous email, or hadn't opened the previous email.

In the third and final email, I added a selection of random posters and emphasized express delivery options for the holiday. This email is exclusively sent to recipients who didn't click through from the first or second email and have placed an order more than a week ago.